Shea John

Don’t Look Back, watercolour, 4x6”, $200

Hope Springs Eternal, watercolour, 4x6”, $200

Hudson Bay Laundry Day #2, watercolour, 12x24”, $750

Clyde Hall Lanark (12x24), watercolour, 12x24”, $750

The Edge of Town, watercolour, 4x6”, $200

Timeless, watercolour, 24x48”, $4500

The Lost Horizon, watercolour, 6x24”, $600

The Bee Keeper, watercolour, 6x24”, $600

Coming Home (6x12), watercolour, 6x12”, $350

Hudson Bay Laundry Day, watercolour, 10x10”, $450

Clyde Hall Lanark (16x20), watercolour, 16x20”, $950

Winter Landscape, watercolour, 12x48”, $2000

Tumbledown, 12" x 36" $1,200

Along The Way, 8" x 16" $500

After the Storm, watercolour, 4x6”, $200

Oxford Station, watercolour, 10x10”, $500

The Opinicon, watercolour, 12x16”, $850 framed

Gate Keeper’s Folly, watercolour, 10x10”, $450 framed

Above & Below, watercolour, 24x36”, $2500

Moonglow 4" x 6" $250


Inge Va, 7" x 5" $250  Framed

SOLD Moon Rising/Winter Glow, watercolour, 6x12”

SOLD The Well 4" x 6"

SOLD The Line of no Return, watercolour, 6x24”

SOLD Late March, watercolour, 12x36”

SOLD Ice Fog, watercolour, 10x14”

SOLD Dashing Through the Snow, watercolour, 6x12”

SOLD St. Raphael’s Ruins, watercolour, 12x16”

SOLD Close Quarters, watercolour, 6x12”

SOLD Quiet Landscape, 6" x 24"

SOLD Between You And I, 24" x 6" Framed 

SOLD Davis Lock Rd. 5" x 7" 


SOLD Haggart House, watercolour, 12x24”

SOLD Red Chimney,

SOLD Coming Home


SOLD Glen Tay

SOLD Haggart House

SOLD Gore St

SOLD Red Door